Thursday, November 29, 2007

My I.Q score

...I'll be right back, I need to do homework.

Ok, I just got a huge load of school work done, so I have pacified my conscience and I am allowed to blog again.

I took the IQ test. In the past I have been the number 1 hater of the test, "it's subjective", "only relevant in a Western context", "it's Eurocentric", "it's inaccurate".... "it doesn't prove anything". Oh those used to be my arguments, but I decided to take the test anyway.

It turns out I have an IQ of 129. So apparently this means I am just bordering on 'Very Superior' intelligence. I am in the rank of Superior, the top 6.7% percentage of the population. I am on the brink of Genius!

So what does this mean??? Absolutely nothing!

I won't lie, I felt good when I got back the results but what does this prove?

At the beginning of the test it says the score may be inaccurate if your native language is not English. Ok, so my 'native' language isn't English. But I can't speak Efik either. So does that mean the scores will be inaccurate for me as well? Je parle Anglais only!

Anyway, one of the main reasons I took the test was because an article I was reading made some shocking remarks about Africans and their Asian & Caucasian counterparts on issues of race, genes, and so on. Check it out & let me know what you think.

The article:
The IQ test:

Tick Tock goes the Clock

I friggin' hate being in the library past midnight working on stupid papers I should have done earlier.
This inability to stick with deadlines has caused me such unnecessary stress and many sleepless nights.
I have become a devout procastinator. I can no longer function in the same time of space like any regular individual.
I have become sort of a slave to time & the internet.
If you ask me how I waste this precious minutes of the clock, I can give you very reasonable reasons how I do.
But I cannot produce to you any tangible outcomes of my erratic behaviour.
I am really a slave of the machine.

Who will liberate me? I believe only I know the answer to that question.
The answers lies in the depths of my innermost being.
That to succeed through the machine, I must become the machine.
I must embody the personal characteristics of a lifeless entity.
I will work through space and time to achieve all aims.
The objectives of my quest will only be fulfilled when I have merged - Machine and I
Anya + Mechatronics : Anyatronica, only then will I be able to wage war against it.
It is possible. It is the only way.

Tick tock goes the clock.

I write to right wrongs.

Dr. Watson's tips for success

  • Always make necessary decisions before you have to

  • Be the first to tell a good story

  • Don't back schemes that demand miracles

  • Never be the brightest person in the room

  • Only ask for advice that you will later accept

And if you were wondering who Dr. Watson is, he's an aged scientist that has done much of his research work on genetics. He is also controversial because some of his work deals with debates on DNA and racial variations; classifying people's intelligence based on race. Many critics have said that he can't mask his racist beliefs with science. In any case, I appreciate his tips for success and I think that they are very insightful, so today I will not dive into all that guff about racial variance.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And we're not all equal

I should not have to apologize for my incredible good looks, my nice femininely chiseled jaw- line, my youthful dimples, my naturally pouty lips, my luscious hair, my cute nose or any of my divinely-crafted features. I know I am gorgeous, so please don't even think that I need to be nice to you for any reason (j/k).
Attractive people are just that - attractive. We exude beauty and people love beautiful things.

There's this guy who wanted to possess me. And I'm not joking about this, seriously the guy wanted to have me in every sense of that word. He wasn't unattractive himself...he was quite the looker. But he was older, and I mean way older. So I had to turn down his incredible offer to make me happy and love me unconditionally. I know who turns down such a tempting proposition?! Well, I did; I do. The reason: he just wasn't attractive enough. And I can't be with someone who isn't packing as much as I am.

Please don't think I'm extremely shallow or vain, I'm really not. I just like to be surrounded by beautiful things. I am spoiled like that. Don't blame me. Infact blame my daddy, and I am my daddy's girl. You should see my Mom! Even at 55, that woman is smoking hot!

Ok, so I think I'm done here ranting on how incredibly gorgeous my genes are. I'll save the rest of this gist for later.

ta ta xo

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am not a Blogger

I started reading other blogs a while ago and I got hooked. Like seriously, Blogsville is an addictive zone. I started out reading mostly Naija blogs and now it's has turned into a mild obsession. I read all of Kokoletta's blog in one day while writing a paper, and I enjoyed the tad bit from Onada on AIGs. Then I bookmarked Kpatakpata's blog & nearly died laughing at the glimpse into his childhood in his blog about his Dad's lady friend. This is really fascinating stuff you're all up to on this spot, thanks for posting!

Since I'm still new I'll probably not get into too much discussion right away, but I will be back shortyly.