Friday, October 17, 2008

The only thing I remember from Anthropology 101

We studied all kinds of things those days during my undergrad when I took one Anthroplogy course. We were eager to learn about the world, societies, tribes, and civilizations but this was the one thing which stuck in my mind. I even still remember the exact quote and the authors of our textbook.

" the oversexed wife, the oversexed adolescent boy is regarded as a witch and condemned of robbing his age-mates of their semen supply" - M. Harris & O. Johnson

Have a good weekend everyone!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Opinions: Pro-Woman, Anti-Palin

I never thought I'd be sharing so many thoughts in one week, talk more of 2 posts in one day but I want you blogvillians to see this anti-Palin protest in Alaska.

I'm usually not one to put forth my personal views & opinions on highly politicised issues like presidential elections but this case was simply too intriguing to ignore. Why would the citizens of her own State, so graciously reject her? And in public too. Shame, what a shame.

On a lighter note, have you heard Chrisette Michele's song "Golden"? It's the absolute truth. I love it. I've decided that this tune has to be the theme of my engagement, wedding reception or whatever other romantic shenanigans I get myself into.

Her voice is pure caramel ~*


Darkness, Blood & Oil...Oh MY!!!

Check out this BBC report, 'Blood oil' dripping from Nigeria.

The situation is very bad (is that an understatement? Yes). The problem is extensive. I knew it was bad, but not this bad (talk about darkness at the end of the tunnel).

I'm partly hopeless at this point. Any thoughts?


Friday, October 3, 2008

Machiavelli (the prince): Favourite Excerpts

I found these excerpts which I copied into my Journal about 2 years ago when I re-read the Prince as an adult.
I want to share this with you. I won't write any introduction for these quotations because they are all random citings since scooped them up from different sections of the book. It is intriguing because centuries later, these quotes still have meaning and relevance in my 2008. Enjoy!


"The fact is that a man (woman)* who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous".

"You hurt yourself only when you give away what is your own. There is nothing so self-defeating as generosity: in the act of practicing it, you lose the ability to do so, and you become either poor and despised or, seeking to escape poverty, rapacious and hatred; and generosity results in your being both."

"...but because men (women)* are wretched creatures who would not keep their word to you, you need not keep your word to them. And no prince (princess)* ever lacked good excuses to colour his bad faith."

"But one must know how to colour one's actions and to be a great liar and deceiver. Men (Women)8 are so simple, and so much creatures of Circumstance, that the deceiver will always find someone ready to be deceived."

"...he (she)* should not deviate from what is good, if that is possible, but he (she)* should know how to do evil, if that is necessary."

"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are."

Qualities a Prince (Princess)* should possess:
a man (woman)* of good faith,
a man (woman)* of integrity
a kind man (woman)*
a religious man (woman)*

*: the androcentric writing of 13th century literature make it necessary to include a feminine slant in his writing because there was some very serious stuff in this book about how it is often necessary for men to beat their wives, e.t.c, but I won't go into that right here.

If you've read the Prince what were your ideas on Machiavelli's prescriptions? If you haven't what do you think about these excerpts?