Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top Career Success Traits [Workopolis]

Happy New Year!! It's only the 2nd week of January so I'm not too late in bringing you my new year wishes. This year, be determined to make the most out of every opportunity. I culled this list from Workopolis' monthly newsletter. It has been proved relevant to workplace survival since 2000, it won't start failing now in 2010.

The Top 10 Career Success Traits from 2000- 2009:
  • Being Optimistic, yet not naive;
  • Flexible and adaptable yet not a pushover. Good professional boundaries;
  • Continually learning - both linearly and non-traditionally;
  • Confident yet not cocky - Not afraid of self-promotion and will promote others.
  • Value, nurture and valued by their professional network;
  • Smart risk-takers -  Pay attention and are not afraid of the economy;
  • Wide set of interests in life;
  • Global and local perspective;
  • Genuine interest in the chosen professional field; 
  • Respect and are respected by their employer; and,
  • Bonus - Work seriously