Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thoughts on Dating: Part II


men! men!! men!!! i don't understand why i even bother creating the environment for something magical to happen. so remember the guy I talked about from my previous post, yeah well so he asked me out. it wasn't too formal or anything. we just thought to grab a bite, something quick to eat on one of those chilly nights. well, we went and grabbed a bunch of stuff: pizza, chicken wings, cheese bread, beer. nothing fancy. we were basically going to pig out on my couch in front of the TV and play a few video games - nothing slightly even romantic. anyway, by the time we get home - my apartment is basically charging from all the electricity going between the 2 of us, too much sexual tension but we chill out, eat, talk, play games, talk some more.

And then all of a sudden, it vanishes. all the sparks i was feeling just die out. i mean completely DEAD. i don't even know how it happened. whether it was in the conversation, or i got bored (me sef!) or what, but there was nothing by the end of the night. dude has officially been put in the friendship stable.
So then weird turn of events, last week I found out that he has started seeing someone else. A white girl in the GTA (greater toronto area). And guess what, I get jealous! outta no where. i'm calculating in my head tryna figure out when they started seeing each other and if there was any overlap with our "date" night. it was weird. so i snap out of it & tell myself that I basically shunned the man after our date because i was only looking to flirt with him for a few weeks but then why was i getting all territorial & sh!t. anyway...i'm officially done with men for 2009. I have no intention of making "connections" or any of that other bullshit associated with playing the field for the rest of this year. Right now, i'll just look forward to Christmas and New Year's. It's going to be major this year. i'll tell you details later!

Anya xo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts on Dating

Hey Ladies (& Gents), I have questions!

Do you engage in 'self-sabotage'? Self-sabotage is when you're creating additional mental stress for yourself when there's none. It's like adding extra drama to your life when there really isn't any.

OK, so there's this new crush in my apt. building who I'm loving liking a lot. He's got an athletic build & the dreamiest grey eyes & dark brown/blondish hair. He's so smart & intellectual (my type) but not too tall. Anyway, we've been flirting back & forth & I know there's definitely chemistry but now i'm stomped. I've started acting all weird & sh!t just because I have acknowledged to myself the fact that I like him.

For example, the other day while I was doing laundry downstairs in my pyjamas (tank top & sweat pants - no bra! and my nipples were charging) he came down to do his load as well. We got talking about a lot of things like his horses, family cottage, etc. It was a good conversation but I caught him looking several times! Anyway, this incident just happened - I don't walk around bra-less all the time with charging nipples. LOL>>> but I love the attention I'm getting from him but I also need to keep it cool & stop over-doing it with the flirting. He's a great guy & I wouldn't mind a few dates; nothing serious. I'm not really looking for a relationship right now.

So my dear ladies who have mastered the art of seduction, how do you reel a guy in without being so obvious that you're reeling him in? Or guys, how do you like to be reeled in?

And how do you play it cool without engaging in self-sabotage?