Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And we're not all equal

I should not have to apologize for my incredible good looks, my nice femininely chiseled jaw- line, my youthful dimples, my naturally pouty lips, my luscious hair, my cute nose or any of my divinely-crafted features. I know I am gorgeous, so please don't even think that I need to be nice to you for any reason (j/k).
Attractive people are just that - attractive. We exude beauty and people love beautiful things.

There's this guy who wanted to possess me. And I'm not joking about this, seriously the guy wanted to have me in every sense of that word. He wasn't unattractive himself...he was quite the looker. But he was older, and I mean way older. So I had to turn down his incredible offer to make me happy and love me unconditionally. I know who turns down such a tempting proposition?! Well, I did; I do. The reason: he just wasn't attractive enough. And I can't be with someone who isn't packing as much as I am.

Please don't think I'm extremely shallow or vain, I'm really not. I just like to be surrounded by beautiful things. I am spoiled like that. Don't blame me. Infact blame my daddy, and I am my daddy's girl. You should see my Mom! Even at 55, that woman is smoking hot!

Ok, so I think I'm done here ranting on how incredibly gorgeous my genes are. I'll save the rest of this gist for later.

ta ta xo


DAVID said...

Oh gosh, ANyaaaa, lolll!!!!
But you talk truth sha... Me, I need something good to look at. You have to make me want you to be with me... Simple.

Naapali said...

A little self confidence never hurt anyone. And that is gaskiya I spk.

AnyaPosh said...

@ david: you know what I'm saying! these things are very fact.
@ naapali: true talk! Sometimes, it's only normal that you blow your own horn, abi!

UnNaked Soul said...

we are all vain i tell ya... lol
basking in the euphoria of self... *wink*

Anonymous said...

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