Thursday, November 29, 2007

My I.Q score

...I'll be right back, I need to do homework.

Ok, I just got a huge load of school work done, so I have pacified my conscience and I am allowed to blog again.

I took the IQ test. In the past I have been the number 1 hater of the test, "it's subjective", "only relevant in a Western context", "it's Eurocentric", "it's inaccurate".... "it doesn't prove anything". Oh those used to be my arguments, but I decided to take the test anyway.

It turns out I have an IQ of 129. So apparently this means I am just bordering on 'Very Superior' intelligence. I am in the rank of Superior, the top 6.7% percentage of the population. I am on the brink of Genius!

So what does this mean??? Absolutely nothing!

I won't lie, I felt good when I got back the results but what does this prove?

At the beginning of the test it says the score may be inaccurate if your native language is not English. Ok, so my 'native' language isn't English. But I can't speak Efik either. So does that mean the scores will be inaccurate for me as well? Je parle Anglais only!

Anyway, one of the main reasons I took the test was because an article I was reading made some shocking remarks about Africans and their Asian & Caucasian counterparts on issues of race, genes, and so on. Check it out & let me know what you think.

The article:
The IQ test:


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

my sister, I am supposed to be doing the same and I am here...


Oooh, I am so excited to find your blog. Will be back to check in on you.

Catwalq: you got here before me eh? I should have expected it, you who yapped me for inadeqaut blog crawling... lol!

little miss me said...

every time i read an article on IQ tests and articles about one race being smarter than the other it totally drives me actuality there are so many factors that are overlooked:reliability,validity,social class,stereotype threat,family size and mostly environment,cos even when theorists say IQ is as a result of heredity,if the environment of the child falls below threshold level it has a major effect on the level of IQ,theres also the obvious cultural differences on importance of academic achievement and we all know IQ tests do not measure practical intelligence nor creative intelligence..don't even get me started on that head size bullshit..
i just realized this comment is getting too long,being a psych major i tend to get lost in issues like this,sorry sha lol..i'll leave now..but i'll b back,hopefully with shorter,more friendly comments:).cheers.

little miss me said...

just read over my comment..i apologize again lol

AnyaPosh said...

'little miss me' don't apologize o! If you know how much these things get me upset...ehn!

If you read the article in the link of the "Slate", you'll see the author even makes a remark about 'Nigerian babies'. The nerve of him O_o (...or maybe I'm just too sensitive on Nigerian issues). Anyhow, IQ scores can be full of dogshit.

el~correcta said...

hey anya...i'm taking the test right now. i'll let you know how i fared!

AnyaPosh said...

El, I'm eager to know how you did! Did you find it daunting at all? lemme know, O.K