Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 20: My fears

Eureka! I've reached the 20th entry in this 30 day challenge. Today's challenge question ask that I share my fears with you. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Madness
2. Snakes
3. Air & water-borne diseases
4. Obesity
5. War 


Arrrgghh....I'm tired of this challenge. kai who send me message?! Anyway, I want to drop out of this 30 Day Challenge. Truth be told, many times I didn't enjoy answering these challenge questions or sometimes it just felt forced. But I guess that's the whole point of a 'challenge' - forcing you to do more than you would have normally. Anyhow, if anything, I may end up posting the remaining 10 days randomly in between my regular blog posts. 

I hope everyone had a good week. TGIF!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 19: Five items I lust after

1. A sexy grown-ass living space. I'm renovating my apartment at the moment and have been getting all kinds of inspiration from condo decor showrooms...but na moni make am :(

2. iPad 2 -- I don't need it but today's challenge question clearly spelled out L U S T. cc: Consumers Anonymous

3. 2011 Toyota Camry - yes, I'm being modest. I'm not lusting after anything too luxurious like a BMW or a Benz (insurance is a b!tch). I just want something modest. Is there any such thing as a modest lust? Anya go big or go home.

4. Vacation package to Paris, France ...or ...Positano, Italy...or somewhere delicious in the Caribbean, Anguilla maybe? :)) My God, I need this lust to become a reality.

5. Johnny Depp in only an apron holed up in my kitchen going hard at the stove cooking up a storm. Don't judge. I like what I like. It could look something like this ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 18: A problem I've had...

Haha! Today's challenge question is quite daft. So of all the problems I have encountered in this life, I am supposed to pick ONE and share it with you? LOL.

Anyway, I've had problems. I mean, serious problems in this life. Where could I possibly begin? Do you want to hear about the time I was hallucinating for 2 weeks? Or the time I almost died? Or the time self-esteem issues nearly drove me mad? Or the time I thought I was going blind? Or the time I felt like I was becoming a real-life mermaid? Or the time I thought I was invincible? Or the time my heart became an ice-box (literally)? Or the time I wanted to check into an institution? Or the time I thought I could join the army? Or the time I thought my parent's marriage was falling apart?  Or the time I considered being a college drop-out??

I don't know which one of these problems to pick. But let me tell you this: problems come and go. Life can throw you all kinds of inconveniences, to say the least. In the end, if you think about your problems as 'challenges' to be surmounted, you stand a better chance of getting through with a winning attitude.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 17: Something that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the enduring quality of my parent's marriage. They've been together for almost 40 years and I think that's impressive! Together, they've weathered many storms, given me and my siblings incredible lives, and managed to still keep it together all these years.

I pray that I meet a special man who has the lasting quality to go the distance with me. Oh, I may have found him already ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 16: Something I always say "what if..." about

Today's challenge question is right up my alley because I often ask myself "what if" questions. For example, the other day I was talking to one of my girlfriends and we kept busy contemplating the question:  'what if things were different?'

After our talk, I mostly kept on droning asking myself so many questions like: what if I wasn't born into my family? what if I didn't go to my alma mater? what if I became a superstar? what if I wasn't born African? what if I was born disabled? what if afrocentrism was the hegemonic worldview? what if I actually tried at something for once in my life? what if we all did our best in everything? what if I made different choices at every turning point in my life?

But enough of the mental hopscotch. Today, I only ask myself "what if I could do anything - how would I change my reality, heck how will I change the world?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 15: My Zodiac/Horoscope and if I think it fits my personality

I just did a whole bunch of occultic digging research about my zodiac sign. According to Greek astrology, Scorpio is acclaimed to be the "most powerful sign"; a water sign, anciently ruled by Mars but  ruled by Pluto in modern, of the eight house, and one of the fixed signs. So what does this all mean, anyway?

According to astrology-dot-com (I'll share only the parts I like):

"The curiosity of Scorpios is immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators. These folks love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. The fact that they have a keen sense of intuition certainly helps".

"Fearless Scorpios rarely lose; they just keep on going, since they are stubborn and determined to succeed"

"The Scorpio-born are powerful and passionate, qualities that serve them well...[they] love competition in both work and play...their great strength is their determination, passion and motivation. Scorpios don't know the word quit, which is why they usually get the job done"


So do I think this description fits my personality? Well, I'll only accept the good traits and fast-forward all the negative traits associated with the sign. Some of those negative portrayals of the Scorpio include: [she] is vindictive, lustful, possessive, jealous, self-indulgent, repressed emotions, etc. etc

But like I said, I fast-forward through all the negative b.s. because it doesn't define my personality. In fact, every sign under the Sun has the capacity and propensity to be a little jealous or lustful or vengeful or even repress their emotions on occasion. So it's not just a scorpio thing per se. Ok, I'm done.   

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 14: What I wore today

Today was rather uneventful. I stayed at home for most of the day working on editing a book and working on job applications. Then I hung out with my friend, her son and husband. We grabbed gelato for dessert. This is essentially what I wore, sans the hefty designer prices.


Day 13: My Opinion about my Body and how I feel about it

I love my body. It's been with me through these 20-odd something years. I love it with every scar; self-inflicted and accidental. Each mark leaves me a story to tell my children. Standing at an awesome 5'5" with dimples, wife potential {shout out to Diddy}, I see the world from my eyes, myopic and astigmatized*. I embrace life with these hands, currently lacquered with gold-speckled brown nail polish. I haul around poundage in the normal range for my BMI proportions, but in my opinion, I could still benefit from shedding about 10-15 pounds. However, I fear that my boobage - high and perky at a 34D; would deflate with additional weight-loss.  Anya, it seems like you can't have it all after all. Anyhow, that's the least of my worries.

In truth, I'm thankful for the body I've been given. I don't have any major ailments, conditions, or disorders. My body has been good to me. And I hope it sticks around for the long haul, I say about 80 or 90 more years give or take!