Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am not a Blogger

I started reading other blogs a while ago and I got hooked. Like seriously, Blogsville is an addictive zone. I started out reading mostly Naija blogs and now it's has turned into a mild obsession. I read all of Kokoletta's blog in one day while writing a paper, and I enjoyed the tad bit from Onada on AIGs. Then I bookmarked Kpatakpata's blog & nearly died laughing at the glimpse into his childhood in his blog about his Dad's lady friend. This is really fascinating stuff you're all up to on this spot, thanks for posting!

Since I'm still new I'll probably not get into too much discussion right away, but I will be back shortyly.


Teediva said...

glad to be the first to say welcome to blogville.

u do realise u are now a blogger yeah? dont worry, u will see things and think 'I cant wait to blog about that!'

UnNaked Soul said...

welcome to blogville darling... *wink*

AnyaPosh said...

@ Teediva: awww thanks! I feel so welcomed! I have so many drafts to post.

@Unnaked soul: Thanks, I love blogville so much already.

DAVID said...

Anya, this blogging thing is risky oh! J/k... I see you fitting right into it!

Naapali said...

First, thanks for stopping by mine. Second, you poor girl are in so much trouble. You have no idea about the rabbit hole you have walked into. I hope you are prepared for sleeplessness, for red-eyes at work/school, for almos being late on deadlines, because that is what blogville will do to you. I have not mentioned loved ones who will give you the evil eye because you have a relationship with your computer.

And what do u get in return? Belly roaring laughter (try exschoolnerd, Jaja, Atutupoyoyo for starters), well crafter dialogues and tales (teediva, catwalq), cryptic commentary (belle), girl getting into trouble all by herself (zephi), seriously crazy nigerian (Guerreiranigeriana) and these are but a fraction of the ones I know.