Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tick Tock goes the Clock

I friggin' hate being in the library past midnight working on stupid papers I should have done earlier.
This inability to stick with deadlines has caused me such unnecessary stress and many sleepless nights.
I have become a devout procastinator. I can no longer function in the same time of space like any regular individual.
I have become sort of a slave to time & the internet.
If you ask me how I waste this precious minutes of the clock, I can give you very reasonable reasons how I do.
But I cannot produce to you any tangible outcomes of my erratic behaviour.
I am really a slave of the machine.

Who will liberate me? I believe only I know the answer to that question.
The answers lies in the depths of my innermost being.
That to succeed through the machine, I must become the machine.
I must embody the personal characteristics of a lifeless entity.
I will work through space and time to achieve all aims.
The objectives of my quest will only be fulfilled when I have merged - Machine and I
Anya + Mechatronics : Anyatronica, only then will I be able to wage war against it.
It is possible. It is the only way.

Tick tock goes the clock.

I write to right wrongs.


Porter deHarqourt said...

Anyatronica! Eureka!! Eureka!!

AnyaPosh said...

haha...yeah, that me!