Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Voice, I hear it

People often tell me that I have a distinguished voice, in the tone, the appeal; "it's low & husky", then when I'm really excited or just plain elated, "it gets high & squeaky".
Have you ever tape-recorded your voice and then played it over to hear what you sound like? Or in this age I should ask, have you ever left yourself or someone else a voice message then played it over to hear yourself? I do this often enough and on one of those days, I didn't just like what I sounded like anymore. I literally hated the tone of my own voice when I wrote this.

The sound from my lungs :||:
Squeaky? No - brash!
:||: I hear you, but I do not know you.
Ages of trial hath not changed thee :||:
Even displacement, yet; I still do not know you.
When will you become?
To take up the shimmering glow of something divine - like resurrection.
When will you become me? Embodied in all I represent, yet weakened by the sound from my lungs.
I do not hate you. I feel only a passionate dislike today.

Oh and then another thing; my accent. ha! that one is another enigma. Most people tell me I have no accent; that it's not quite Canadian or strictly American or British or even Nigerian. { see me, see wahala!}. I like to think that my accent is a convoluted compossibility that personifies all that is me, all that is Anya!!!


tobenna said...

Darn, I thought it was just me.
I recorded myself giving a presentation about a year ago just to see how I fared.
I was so totally shocked!
I sounded horrible. Sobered up, I made a silent vow to reduce talking publically. Funny, I forgot about it that very same day.

anonymous gal said...

firrrrrrrrst. dont have to try it each time i speak to my sis its like hearin my own voice and i most say i sound great.

AnyaPosh said...

tobenna, it's strange, eh. I feel you. Listening to one's own voice shouldn't illicit any kind of negative emotion, as in at all. I mean it's MY voice

anon gal, I get that my sis and I sound exactly alike. The thing is I think she has a beautiful voice. I know my voice is beautiful too. I guess I wrote this one one of those ungrateful days :S

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

oh god, i hate my voice...lol.
my accent is not gr8, ive had people ask me where im from, then when i say nigeria,they go, i thought so..lol

and i sing aswell, i hate the sound of my voice, i really cringe when i hear myself, so i try to aviod it as much as i can

Risquediva said...

just showing some love...nice blog...i especially love d layout...wud be back soon

Florida of Free Spirit said...

i love my voice o. no idea why, maybe becuz many have been smitten by it??? lol. anyways, d times i've listen to myself, maybe on recording a voice message, i don't quite understand what it is abt d voice dat all those pple were tripping abt. hmm

yummy411 said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! you have a nice one.. you wrote about this so eloquently LOL... i have the same prob (but i think this in general, not just on certain days) ppl tell me i sound like my sisters too, but they sound fine to me....for this reason there are no makeup tutorials or voice recorded supplements for the blog =p

AnyaPosh said...

2 fresh & fab: OMG, don't cringe dear! It's UR voice!

2 risque diva: thanks dear.

2 florida of free spirit: good for you hun! if it brings you pleasure then you gotta luv it. ;)

2 yummy 411: wow...are we related? to many people my sisters and I sound so similar. The thing is I think my sisters sound great, I don't get it. I must sound great too then :D