Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 19: Five items I lust after

1. A sexy grown-ass living space. I'm renovating my apartment at the moment and have been getting all kinds of inspiration from condo decor showrooms...but na moni make am :(

2. iPad 2 -- I don't need it but today's challenge question clearly spelled out L U S T. cc: Consumers Anonymous

3. 2011 Toyota Camry - yes, I'm being modest. I'm not lusting after anything too luxurious like a BMW or a Benz (insurance is a b!tch). I just want something modest. Is there any such thing as a modest lust? Anya go big or go home.

4. Vacation package to Paris, France ...or ...Positano, Italy...or somewhere delicious in the Caribbean, Anguilla maybe? :)) My God, I need this lust to become a reality.

5. Johnny Depp in only an apron holed up in my kitchen going hard at the stove cooking up a storm. Don't judge. I like what I like. It could look something like this ;)


T.Notes said...

Yesssssss@ that 2011 Camry!!!!!And vacationing in Italy....dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger said...

Is it possible to be in lust with somebody's lust? Does that qualify as double lust? lolsss.
The room with a view, holiday, I cant drive but cute guy can double up as chaffeur. That guy is so cute. yes a girl can dream. It's friday after all...


Rebirth said...

right with you in lusting after Johnny Depp......sigh

kitkat said...

I waant a bad-ass condo so bad! :(


Wait o.. what do ladies see in Johnny Dep sef? lol #justasking

For me, that car is cute :) Don't have a favorite car BTW.


Unveilinggold said...

my eyezz my eyezz..please tell bros to wear cloth

That gateaway picture got me dreaming already..

Please do naija people back home pay insurance on their car? cos these oyibo land the more sweeter (est) your the sweeter your insurance ;)

NaijaBloke said...

Thanks for checking up on my blog..just kinda lost my blogging

Btw... Its better if you vacation in St Maarten and then take a one day ferry to Anguilla cos there is not that much to do in Anguilla .....LOL