Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 2: Something I feel strongly about

As a concerned Global Citizen, I feel strongly about many things. In fact, I am passionate about too many things; it`s hard to single out just one. But today, I am going to share on my passion for sub-Saharan Africa.

A wise person said `Africa is not poor, Africa is just poorly managed`. In my view, Africa is the classic case of a series of unfortunate events. In theatre, this Continent has all the elements of a successful Tragedy - many paradoxes abound along with human suffering. For example, the abundance of natural wealth and resources juxtaposed with the prevalence of poverty is one. Or the abundance of human resources and potential manpower alongside low-skilled labour and people with very many desperate needs.

Continent of Potentials

Remember your elementary school teacher who often said Student A was so full of potential. Fast-forward 10-15 years later. You see that somehow Student A did not amount to much, and just fell by the wayside. Potential don`t mean much if you don`t have the drive, ambition, or a strong desire to succeed. It`s even harder to succeed when you don`t have a stable support system or people rooting for you. Useful analogy. Africa is like Student A. So full of promise. Yet, something is amiss.

I could go on about this paradox of plenty* but right now I don`t feel the urge to write a personal essay on the topic. The facts are apparent. You don`t need me to tell you Africa needs help. And I don`t mean international intervention. Africa needs homegrown help, sustainable organic intervention by its own citizens. A helping hand by the familiar, agents for change who have a personal vested interest in Africa`s success. 


I have idealized the kind of help Africa should get. But with the state of things, very impoverished regions could use help from anywhere they can get it, including transnational corporate investment. So long as there are tools to ensure fair deals and mitigate against exploitatory tendencies.   

* - a paper I have been working on for over 14 months and the crux of the main argument.


Ginger said...

A paradox of plenty - great metaphor for Africa.
Home grown help is certainly key, but that's long term isnt it? Short term we still need international intervention or we do it the China way.....

Lily Johnson said...

You are right about our Mother land. We aint poor, just poorly managed and exploited by these other races who think they are better off.

Anya Posh said...

ginger, yes that phrase is almost all-encompassing in that it describes so many problems in our world.

lily j, you know what's up.