Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1: 5 Ways to Win My Heart

To begin my `30 Day Challenge` (see previous post), I`m starting off with 5 tried and true ways to win my heart. I believe that in male-female relationships, things can get complicated very quickly. So in my dating life, I`ve taken out the guess work and simplified things by deducing a list of qualities which seem to be working for me.

Please note that these qualities are in addition to physical appearance. And for me, physical appearance includes his height, weight, build, accent, swag*, and style. As a vain child, looks grab my attention. But a possession of the qualities listed below will determine whether or not my attention is retained.  Yes girls, you`ve gotta act like a lady but thing like a man!

* - swag refers to that quality in a man that can`t quite be described. You`ve gotta see it to believe it ;) 

The List:

1. Engage my mind first - I'm a complete sucker for geeky & nerdy types. I love intelligence, I love brilliance. If you have both; you've already got my attention!

2. Dazzle me with your personality - it's O.K to be yourself. If you quirky and sarcastic; that's alright too. Just let your personality shine through. 

3. Make me laugh - I love a funny guy. If your sense of humour is cordial and sometimes you push the envelope, I can get into that. Being funny is more than just cracking a few recycled jokes. It's about continuity even through those down times.

4. Be your own person - do you have a hobby? are you doing something you enjoy? If I can explore your world, you become fascinating. Be the best version of yourself, not a phony replica of someone else. No one can do you like you do!

5. Always tell the truth - Yes, even when the truth hurts, let me hear it. I can handle it. If you're honest with yourself and you're honest with me, I dig that. Integrity is sexy.


Lily Johnson said...

I totally agree with you especially the sense of humor part. I love me a guy that can make me laugh without even trying.

leggy said...

the sense of humor is a given for me cos i like to believe i have a weird one. i'd like someone who will be able to get my humor and also make me laugh.

seye said...

I see my babe will say I score at least 4 of your 5 :P

1. Geeky
3. She says I have the driest jokes(in her mind, i am sure she's laughing)
4.I play the violin, the piano and the guitar
5. The truth has its own voice.


Ginger said...

I dont know about those geeky/nerdy types...isnt that why they are called geeky nerdy?? Cause they cant make social conversations. Have you ever listened to a really geeky computer guy discuss 'bytes and bits' with you? Its like taking valium without the benefit of water to wash it

#2,3,4,5 are on!!

seye said...

Chai see as Ginger finish am

Anya Posh said...

lily, they can't go wrong with being funny.

leggy, you know what's up.

seye, well hello there mr. violin man.

ginger, lmao! I dunno which kinda hardcore geeks you've been meeting o. in my view, they have a social life aside from their geekery :)

Parakeet said...

You know what I think...I think most women have similar list to yours but very few men actually have all of those qualities in one, so what happens? Could that be why there are so many single women and more women marrying later? I am not saying this is bad, I just wonder who we end up with at the end of the day. I strongly suspect not with men with all those qualities...kinda sad :(

Anya Posh said...

hmm parakeet, it`s an unfortunate thing that many women choose to pursue what they want and settle. And it`s true...sometimes we don`t always get everything we want. But this list is only 5-points long, so I don`t think it`s asking too much.