Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some of my Favourite Things

And in no particular order....

1. Snuggling in the dead of Winter/ Harmattan: with that special someone. This happens preferably after dinner when we're both satiated and content. It's great to just spoon on the couch watching T.V not saying too much.

2. Making a Connection: You know how sometimes you actually take the time out to get to know someone (this applies to both sexes). And you learn about the person's hobbies and what they enjoy doing for fun. It's such a magical moment when you connect with them at the level of that thing that makes them tick. It can be a Eureka! moment (as in, wow, this person and I are so similar) or a WHOA! moment (like 'where've you been all my life?' or 'wow, I could never be friends with someone who thinks like this' or who does 'such & such'). I like making connections.

3. Passionate Sex: Yes, you knew this was cumming. But I'll only sex when there's love. You know the kind of sex I'm talking about? That type you only do with someone you're truly in love with and the love is mutual. And it's an exclusive relationship. Sex is a good thing.

4. Achievements: Sometimes do you just sit back and think of your personal accomplishments? Like mentally dust off and polish your accolades? Do you take pride in yourself and say, 'wow I've come a long way'? I don't mean this in a proud way, but I think you need to take time to give yourself credit every day. Don't sell yourself short. You are not were you used to be.

Michael Phelps after winning 8 medals in 2008.
5. On-line shopping for expensive shit: LOL! this one is a seasonal favourite for me. Every so often, I'll want to splurge on a pricey-enough-to-pay-my-rent kinda shoe. Like check what is scratching my wallet right now:

I like inexpensive stuff too. Some of my favourite sites are Forever21, GoJane (but you'll pay import duties when you ship to Canada),  ModCloth, and  Zappos. Remember to drop me a note with your favourite online shopping sites.

6.  Good Books: I find reading great books so selfishly fulfilling! It's incredible to be able to get lost in a story, occasionally come up for air and then dive back in again. See the books I'll be reading in a few weeks in this post.

7.  Laughing: I must say that I laugh at the most random things. Two nights ago, I saw this guy sneakily scratching his balls in the club. And I burst out laughing. He saw me, I saw him. But I couldn't help myself. I felt like an accomplice in the itch. It was too funny!

8. Re-discovering Old Music: Listening to Usher's 8701 album was pure bliss last week. When you listen to old music, it takes you back to a time of your life and you get re-immersed in the moment. For me when 8701 came out, I was crushing on my neighbour big time! I used to think about him all the time, frankly I was obsessed with the boy. I was 14. He was 16. It was a big deal. So when I heard that album again, it took me way back and I felt like a teenager bursting with hormonal imbalances.

9. Getting private Facebook messages: It's so cute to see someone take their time to type out a really long essay for your viewing pleasure. The length of a message says much...

10. International Travel: Put me on a plane and I'm off! I go right to sleep. I think flying is so relaxing. I hate plane food but the thrill of being airborne is simply satisfying. 


NakedSha said...

Arrgh, I especially feel you on 6-10.

Check out this store; Francesca's Collections. There isn't a better accessory store in North America...wink*

Christielove said...

OMG I love you, lol
I've experienced all of this except traveling. You should go to my blog and skim through the label "lists". If I enjoyed this as much as I did I'm almost positive you would enjoy things that I like.

Third World Profashional said...

I LOVE this post! I so have to do a favourite things post soon.
Def no sexing without love baybay, 8 months celibate and loving it.
8701 all day every day.
Only thing I don't get is the flights bit. I HATE flying, I wish I could just get knocked out at the beginning of a flight and be woken up when I arrive.

Fragilelooks said...

enjjoyed reading every bit of this. love those heels babes.

Rita said...

You have taste eh...apart from the travel part, I was just feeling you. And everytime I visit your site I forget to drop a comment because of those tempting ice-cream pictures. Have a lovely week ahead.

seye said...

Hehe! I liked the picture with the puppy!

Ms.O said...

Ahhhhh I LOVE IT!!!!! I need to go and pull out '8701' tonight while I unpack..:)

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey AnyaPosh!
Muwaah! I've missed ya!
Mista Jaycee

Nice Anon said...

Sex without love is like fucking without an orgasm. It is just that terrible.

Sam Edelman has em type of shoes for way less than the Miu Miu's.Check it out or I could give you the link if you wanna.

I have to do more of international travel soon. Next up Paris

Jaycee said...

I love, love, love, making connections...esp when I go like, "OMG, me too!!!"

And if someone can just whisk me away to the different continents in the world right now, I'd be so pleased.

Pearl said...

i love you!

Ms.O said...

OMG!!1 I just saw your comment on my blog!!! YAY for Ottawa move! Hmm tips for a first timer.. err Ottawa is safe, so anywhere is pretty good. Centertown is a really nice area. The market is too noisy tho. e-mail me if you have specific questions...:)

Anonymous said...

The ice-cream is distracting me... Not sure if my thoughts can be coherent for long enough to construct a meaningful comment... :s

I totally agree with everything on this list. As for the expensive shopping- that one na only window shopping we dey do for here o... Student life is not equivalent to balling. :(

Anyaposh said...

2 nakedsha, thanks for the tip for francesca's collection. I checked it!

2 christielove, i did check your blog - i see you love lists too :)

2 3rd World Prof, 8 months hun, congrats! this is my 9th month and as you must know, it ain't easy!

2 fragilelooks, thank u!

2 rita, ice-cream is your birthright! indulge in

2 seye, me too ;p

2 ms. o, you have to tell me about this new place you moved to..

2 mista JC, awww, how u been boo?

2 nice anon, i want to go to paris too! saving the trip for my honeymoon so i can frolick in the south of france.

2 JC, isn't it the best! in the end, we're all people. let's just live!

2 pearl, love u too booboo.

2 ms. o, if we're able to meet up, that may be the end of my anonymity o! atleast to you. i may remain anon to everyone else!

2 f&m, excuses excuses. ice-cream is too good, i can understand. as per $$$ shopping, try to be extravagant once in a while. when you look back, it'll make up for some the stupider things you've done

My world said...

I'm feeling this your list :)

mizchif said...

I could probably co-sign everything on your list.

I love long messages. I am an expert at composing those and i love it when i recieve such messages, but i have learnt that some people get wary just seeing so many words on a page.

About online shopping....i am a broke ass student and can't afford much, but lately i've been finding some good stuff via amazon. Havent checked gojane in the longest and dont think i've ever tried zappos.