Friday, October 16, 2009

I must Confess...

I have not been keen on blogging lately. As some of you noticed, its been easier for me to put up snippets of Youtube videos or other random stuff I've found interesting on this space. But on that desire to continue blogging fully, it has evaded me.

So what makes a good blog into a great blog?

1. Is it the copious amounts of random information you're willing to share with potential readers?

2. Is it about how often you're able to post?

3. Is it the amount of personal stories & secrets confesssions you're able to share?

4. Is it the extent of your fabrications; mixing reality with fiction?

5. Or is it your brutal honesty to say what you want UNEDITED?

I ask this final question because sometimes honesty is not always sexy. For instance, you're writing a very sexy story about your weekend with so-so. It starts out looking very steamy. He comes over. You watch a movie. Your foreplay begins. He goes down on you. You go down on him. Then he slips on a condom & slides it in.

In terms of honesty, you feel you should share the real details of your sexcapades. But for sexy-time sake, you forget refuse to include the fact that you've only been seeing this guy for 2 weeks & you're already giving up the pussy tsk tsk: whore!. Or it slips your mind to tell us that while he was riding away, you had already cum 10 mins earlier and wished he'd just cum already. Or to add that the condom broke and now you're screwed because you're not on the pill and you're not even into him like that (um...Plan B to the rescue, ladies).

I'm not going to make this space a revelation of my quite adventurous sexual past. But sometimes it seems to me that sex sells makes a good read. Either way, I have put the past behind me and decided to remain abstinent for as long as it takes, so help me GOD!

So what makes a good blog into a great blog?

I know that we all have different lives & imaginations. You're not just about Sex. Or about Fashion. Or about Politics. Or about Music. You've got so much to talk about.

So my fellow bloggers, why do you blog about what you blog about?


mizchif said...

New layout i see.

Ok, this your post made me chuckle, especially the part of mixing fantasy with reality, which i'm sure a whole lot of people do.

What makes a great blog?
I don't know, but i do know i enjoy your blog.

I probably have one of the most random, themeless blogs, cuz i'm really not about one thing, but why do i blog? I blog because it makes me happy.

And yea, sex really does sell as is clearly evidenced everywhere.

Myne Whitman said...

Yeah sex sells.

I blog excerpts from my romantic fiction book and the highest hits were the sex scenes. SMH, maybe I should put in more sex? LOL

What I enjoy in other blogs; good fiction well written or honesty on day to day life and for that I prefer naija-based bloggers. No place like home.

akaBagucci said...

i think people are drawn to different things on blogs.... but yes sex sells... real or imagined....

random thoughts fly thru my mind on a daily basis.. i try to capture a few... some work, some don't... i really don't bother any more i guess..

yankeenaijababe said...

Sex sells everywhere but I hate reading sex blogs, because it complicates my

I like reading blogs that are real about life, fashion, weddings, beauty, makeup, everyday life and topics e.t.c

Romance is great for me to read via blogger but a blog all about sex topics keeps me irritated knowing that some topics are strictly for the bedroom between a commited man and woman.

Hope your weekend is going great, stay blessed.

Nicola Dreamer said...

Sex sells in media...but I dunno about in blogging.. it's a bit weird But I don't even know what I blog about.. I blog about me and the new experiences I find myself having at this stage in my life...

And I "think" I do it because I find that blogger is an open space. I throw my words in the air and people have opinions and sometimes appreciate you sharing a part of yourselves with them.

At the risk of sounding sentimental, that's why i blog!


Afrobabe said...

lmao @ the whorish scenario...

What makes a good blog a great blog is the ability to remain true to and say whats right to you but keep some secrets...everyone deserves a secret...We dont need to know "when"you slip in that abstinance

Sex sells babes, but are you blogging to sell??

Anya P said...

thanks mizchif :) layout. just noticed the former one didn't have links to older posts.

myne whitman, i <3 naija blogs, even some boring ones! there's really no place like home. i also had high live-feeds with a sex entry i had up last year. it was like my blog was giving free crack o_O there was tons of comments ;)

akaBagucci, yeah in the end, it's about whatever works for you.

yankeenaijababe, i know exactly what you mean, some sexy blogs mess with me for real! i like fashion, hair, make-up blogs mostly. sometimes the sexy stuff is no longer even believable :(

bob-ij, yes but it's different when you're 'outta the closet' of anonymity, then blogging must be totally different when your real life friends check your blog. i think i may edit myself if more people i know knew about this space.

afrobebe, i'll remember that. being true to myself. and that abstinent mean "if" I slip God help me.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I blog about whatever is on my mind. Yes, the se"x posts "sell," but if that's not what you want to do, then don't. I've stopped putting that on my main blog for various reasons, and I have noticed that I receive A LOT more comments on the sexual posts than the posts talking about things that should make people think.

Just do you...your blog is for you.

*Dith* said...

i think when folks can relate to your blog on some aspect, it makes them want to come back.