Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

Today was rather uneventful so it will be relatively easy to give you a breakdown of my day. Here goes:

9:00am - alarm went off. It's a sunday, I deserved to sleep-in

10:20am - got to church 20mins late. Trying not to make this a habit.

12:00pm - went to teach my Sunday school kids. I teach about 15 kids aged 5-10 year olds. On some days it's terribly stressful but it can be so rewarding as well.

1:15pm - church is over, greet a few people. Dash home for lunch because I'm starving.

2:00pm - well fed. Sitting in front of the TV, mindlessly...daydreaming of the future, facebooking.

4:00pm - got off the couch, do some yoga and core-strength training. Turn on some soca music, got my exercise on!

7:00pm - hungry again; grab leftover chicken curry and rice from the fridge.

7:25pm - got on the phone with my sister (catching up, she had me reeling with laughter).

8:00pm - on the phone with my boyfriend (long-distance romance)...did this for over 2 hours! Love. yeah.

10:23pm - ignored a call from a colleague. Why are you calling me at this time? Haven't you heard only close friends and family can call after 9pm.

12:30am - got under my duvet. time to catch some Zzz!

So there you have it. This Sunday was below average on my activity scale but meh. Tomorrow is another day! How did you spend your Sunday?


seye said...

Okay my sunday, woke at 10am to the realization that I had snoozed my alarm more than 20 times since it originally came on at 7am.

So I couldn't go to church because a site went down at midnight and had to be up before the client notices.

So i got up at 10am, took a cup of coffee. Did a few morning rituals, got a cup of coffee, watched the Big Bang Theory, slept some more. Ate, slept some more.

That's all I remember till about 9pm where there was someone outside my gate. I had to consciously hold conversation for about 30min.
Then I called my boo, then skyped. Then watched more Big Bang, till I fell asleep.

Ginger said...

Woke up late. Mass at 10pm. Finished at 11.30. Was with a bunch of lovely Nigerians from 12pm till about 7pm. Internet. Blog rounds. Skype (evil!!). slept at 4am for my sins :(. Perfect day I think!

Have a great week.

LohiO said...

Woke up at 8:30am but my guest refused to wake up, so we skipped church..:( made a huge breakfast for the first time in months...Went thrifting and did some grocery shopping. Got home and was exhausted from the sun...passed out till 7pm. woke up showered and went to a friends house for dinner. was there till midnight. came back home edited pictures till 3am..zzzzz

Mamuje said... weekend was great. On Sunday I had a dinner party at my new flat. I made roast chicken for 7 of us...the potatoes were to die for..... The weekend has been uneventful so far oh...

Anya Posh said...

seye your sunday was even more uneventful than mine. what kinda snoozing were you doing? time just unplug it completely.

ginger, nice. time spent with nigerians is often refreshing.

lohiO, i saw your breakfast for champions! sounds like a good sunday. Thrifting is fun.

mamuje, congrats again! i hope you're warming into the new place. enjoy.