Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Boots

...because winter fashion is hard and that eskimo look is not sexy.

It can be hard to stay sexy in this Canadian winter with all that much need layering and padding. And don't forget the icy-roads and sidewalks and slush (oh my!).  But my Fashionistas, we have to remind ourselves that winter fashion is possible, winter fashion can be practical and winter fashion is fun!

I've been searching for boots for a while now and since Winter is almost over (only 3 more months to go!) winter styles at the mall have started going on sale. So y'know your girl is looking to get something cute. I found these boots from Aldo and Nordstrom. As usual, the nordstrom bootie is a bit pricey but they're all très cute! As you will see, I'm a big fan of the brown, because I feel black shoes look too serious and formal. I like to keep it casual-chic. Check out the boots and share your thoughts!

Michael Kors 'Carlie' Faux Fur Bootie - $194

Aldo Buzzelli Mid-calf boot - $104.99

Aldo Wootan Ankle Boot - $140

Aldo Rubio Ankle Boot - $90.99

..for the colorful fashionista. Heck, I would rock it!

Aldo Horio (black suede) - $62.99


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love shoes!!

BSNC said...

lol feel you about the cold. All the shoes looks nice, but thelast one seems better, its long, cute and affordable : )

Happy new year!!

Myne Whitman said...

The colorful one looks snazzy but I would go for the last too. After the heat of naija, coming back to the Northwest is so draining, :(

Happy new year sha..

el bagucci said...

the kente-ish one doesn't look bad at all... nice shoes..

Ag said...

Out of all the boots I would have so say I like the MK ones the least and the second ones by Aldo the most!!!!

Retromus-ik said...

I love the rubio ankle boot by aldo!

Ginger said...

3 more months of winter?? yeah very short. I love them boots too. and they are cheap (well, compared to orices I would see in this uber expensive UK)!!

Happy Shopping!

p.s. welcome back to active blogging.

Chic Lounge said...

I love Michael Kors for that Bootie...lovely blog

Dara U said...

love the aldos!

Sale Shoes said...
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Emma said...

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