Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nigeria: Enough is Enough

"I like to make myself believe that Planet Earth turns slowly..."
-Owl City (Fireflies)

That the earth would turn slowly so that Nigeria can become great again. 
....that the earth would turn slowly so that my Country will rise higher than former glory
....that its Citizens would reject complacency and demand Change.
....that the Wind of Change will not pass us by too quickly.
....that the World would wait for us to catch up.
....that her illustrious Sons & Daughters will get a chance to fulfill their destinies.
....that we can forge a stronger sense of national pride.
....that GLORY will rest within the boundaries of our polity
....that fear of tyranny will not haunt our collective subconscious.
....that we learn to live again like there is value in human life
....that the earth would turn slowly & wait for us...

But Planet Earth will NOT wait.

*A laudable attempt at something quasi-revolutionary, however; under-ambitious.


Ms.O said...

Babes I am beyond distraught at everything that is happening to Nigeria. I feel like I am in a really bad dream. I wish I could attend. My mind is surely at home right now...praying.... devising strategies, but for now mostly praying...

Akin said...

Hello Anya,

Thanks for your visit and comments on my blog, I can see and feel the aspiration and vision in your post and I am sure it is the yearning of every good Nigerian.

As concerns the poster, in all truth, there is nothing in Nigeria today that can deliver those answers without the integral participation of the youth.

The President will never be made to resign to avoid complications in 2015 in the ruling party's regional power sharing.

The power problem is one the government have not truthfully confessed they cannot reach and the fuel scarcity issue really requires more refineries in Nigeria at first and then they should be profitable.

The opportunity to make better demands is being missed. Unfortunately.

Kola Tubosun said...

I agree with you Akin.

I like the idea of this march, but I have reservations about the demands which seem like short-term, unrealistic expectations that would most likely not be taken seriously.

The health of the president is the least of the nation's problems. Cuba did not grind to a halt because of Castro. And like in Cuba, power has been successfully transferred in Nigeria as well to the rightful heir. It is unlikely that Yar'adua resigns, and even if that is done, it is not the solution. By making him the subject of the rally, a big mistake is being made, and it is distracting.

I hope the rally can be streamlined to make realistic demands, or at least just raise the voice of youths at the terrible state of things.

Anyaposh said...

I completely agree with you both, Kola & Akin. I think these ideas are under-ambitious and too cautious. Because in reality, what is 6000MW?! That is nothing compared to what Nigerians really need.

Anyway, I like the idea behind the rally but those demands will barely scratch the surface of our real needs in this Country.

Anyaposh said...

M.s O, I'm there with you babes. I've prayed for a while, now I'm moved to action. Heaven helps those who helps themselves. If we wait for Heaven, na so we go wait.

yankeenaijababe said...

Now we talking, hope this can bring bring a positive change to Nigeria, there truly is a lot going on, enough is really enough

Myne Whitman said...

Enough is really enough. Not that I believe marches will change the status quo overnight but it is a beginning at least.

BSNC said...

Amen i am praying for Nigeria.

loomnie said...


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